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I would like your help, because I am not able to understand what the following line means:

map {@$_[1 .. 4]} @msft

found in the example code of GD::Graph::ohlc. Could you please provide me with a hint?

Thank you.

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@msft is an array of arrays where each inner array contains 5 items (date, open/low/high/close prices).

The map takes each element of @msft, which is an array reference stored in $_ and dereferences it via @$_ and takes a slice of that array (namely the second through fifth items since the array is 0-based) via the [1..4]. It then returns those four items. map concatenates them into a single list.

In essence, it is flattening the array of arrays of five elements into a single array made up of the 2nd through 5th items of each subarray.

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The elements of @msft are array references. The code collects elements 1 through 4 from each array into a single list:

my @msft = (

my @result = map {@$_[1 .. 4]} @msft;

print "@result\n";  # 1 2 3 4 11 22 33 44 111 222 333 444

From the documentation for map:

Evaluates the BLOCK or EXPR for each element of LIST (locally setting $_ to each element) and returns the list value composed of the results of each such evaluation.

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