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I needed to remove all non Arabic characters from a string and eventually with the help of people from stack-overflow was able to come up with the following regex to get rid of all characters which are not Arabic.


The problem is the above removes white spaces too. And now I discovered I would need character from A-Z,a-z,0-9, !@#$%^&*() also. So how do I need to modify the regex?

Thanking you

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Add the ones you want to keep to your character class:

preg_replace('/[^\x{0600}-\x{06FF}A-Za-z !@#$%^&*()]/u','', $string);
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assume you have this string:

$str = "Arabic Text نص عربي test 123 و,.m,............ ~~~ ٍ،]ٍْ}~ِ]ٍ}";

this will keep arabic chars with spaces only.

echo preg_replace('/[^أ-ي ]/ui', '', $str);

this will keep Arabic and English chars with Numbers Only

echo preg_replace('/[^أ-يA-Za-z0-9 ]/ui', '', $str);

this will answer your question latterly.

echo preg_replace('/[^أ-يA-Za-z !@#$%^&*()]/ui', '', $str);
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In a more detailed manner from Above example, Considering below is your string:

$string = '<div>This..</div> <a>is<a/> <strong>hello</strong> <i>world</i> ! هذا هو مرحبا العالم! !@#$%^&&**(*)<>?:";p[]"/.,\|`~1@#$%^&^&*(()908978867564564534423412313`1`` "Arabic Text نص عربي test 123 و,.m,............ ~~~ ٍ،]ٍْ}~ِ]ٍ}"; ';


echo preg_replace('/[^\x{0600}-\x{06FF}A-Za-z0-9 !@#$%^&*().]/u','', strip_tags($string));

Allows: English letters, Arabic letters, 0 to 9 and characters !@#$%^&*().

Removes: All html tags, and special characters other than above

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