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I am using excel 2007. I have two excel sheets (lets say A and B). I want to automatically input values (in particular cells) from sheet A to sheet B. I am not sure but I think macro can do it. I would really appreciate your suggestions regarding the same. Thanks a lot!

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If you're new to macro, using the macro recording facility can help you get a grasp of how it works. Simply start it, then do the copy-paste operations manually, then stop and look at the produced macro.

The code is usually ugly, but the operations you need being simple copy/paste, it shouldn't be a problem to understand, adapt and clean it up.

On the other hand, if you want values in sheet B to update in real-time from sheet A, you can also use formulas to refer to sheet A. Just select your destination cell, edit it and start a formula by typing =, then go to sheet A, select the source cell and press enter. This way you'll see the syntax used to reference cells in other sheets/workbooks.

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