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How can wget save only certain file types linked to from pages linked to by the target page, regardless of the domain in which the certain files are?

Trying to speed up a task I have to do often.

I've been rooting through the wget docs and googling, but nothing seems to work. I keep on either getting just the target page or the subpages without the files (even using -H), so I'm obviously doing badly at this.

So, essentially, contains links to and, while the subpages contain links to and, etc. However, may link to which has links to more subpages I don't want.

Can wget even do this, and if not then what do you suggest I use? Thanks.

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Following command worked for me.

wget -r --accept "*.ext" --level 2 ""

Need to do recursively so -r should be added.

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Something like this should Work:

wget --accept "*.ext" --level 2 ""
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I've tried, but that only downloads for some reason... Which makes me a little suspicious since it isn't even that file type. – Nomen Jul 10 '11 at 21:04
Can you provide the site or if not a sample(but real) site instead? – ssapkota Jul 10 '11 at 21:38

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