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M question is related to this one as I have the same problem. How can I make the RollingFileAppender of log4net preserve the file extension without having to actually "patch" (i.e. create an interim build of the current trunk) log4net? How could I achieve the same thing by overriding the RollingFileAppender or creating any other extension with the least effort?

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As mentioned in my comment, you're not required to "patch" or change anything in log4net. You cannot use the 1.2.10 release, though. It is a rather old build, but the PreserveLogFileNameExtension is in the current source. You only have to bring down the source and compile the dll yourself and you're good to go.

Update: I see your concern. IMO, the only way is to make a build and test it. To further your confidence you could review the current list of resolved (and unresolved) issues for 1.2.11. I would think that seeing they are not doing a major revision, changes are mainly bug fixes and additional features.

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Ok, let's not call it "patch" then. I am a little bit afraid of introducing a newer version of log4net because so many components (including 3rd party) of our system rely on log4net. How can I make sure that that new build doesn't break anything? What is the release and ceckin story here? Does the current source in svn qualify as release/stable? I don't see any official releases after 1.2.10. What happened to 1.2.11? –  bitbonk Jul 11 '11 at 6:22
@bitbonk see my updated answer. –  Peter Lillevold Jul 11 '11 at 6:34

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