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Doing . repeats the last change. Doing 2. repeats the last change 2 times. But imagine I want to repeat the change before the last one, how do I do it in Vim?


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That seems to be a terriffic feature to request. (; I'd like to have 'time-machine' like after-the-fact macro recording – sehe Jul 11 '11 at 11:24

Don't think you can, see :help . However, what you can do is to record a macro for your edits, you have a lot of registers to choose from {0-9a-zA-Z"} (uppercase to append). Then use e.g. @u for edit 1, @t for edit 2 and so on.

Great tips about recording from Best of VIM Tips

" Recording (BEST TIP of ALL)
qq  # record to q
your complex series of commands
q   # end recording
@q to execute
@@ to Repeat
5@@ to Repeat 5 times
qQ@qq                             : Make an existing recording q recursive *N*
" editing a register/recording
"qp                               :display contents of register q (normal mode)
<ctrl-R>q                         :display contents of register q (insert mode)
" you can now see recording contents, edit as required
"qdd                              :put changed contacts back into q
@q                                :execute recording/register q

Have a look at these for more hints for repeating:

:&     last substitute
:%&    last substitute every line
:%&gic last substitute every line confirm
g%     normal mode repeat last substitute
g&     last substitute on all lines
@@     last recording
@:     last command-mode command
:!!    last :! command
:~     last substitute
:help repeating
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yeah, i did know about macros. just wondering if there was a simpler way to do this. i'm still getting used to vim and macros are yet in my to learn/muscle train list. thanks anyway :) – sofia Jul 11 '11 at 0:27

I wrote the RepeatLast.vim plugin to address this exact requirement. It provides a 5\. key binding.

It enables macro recording all the time, which may not be desirable for everyone. But if you can live with that, it works in 99% of use cases.

Development version: (Please feedback!)

Caveats: Apart from the annoying "recording" message (:set ch=2), the 1% of times it fails to work perfectly are due to:

  1. Difficulties triggering the CursorHold event slowly without losing fast-repeated keystrokes
  2. Undesirable recording of [Space] and [Enter] keys when the user is responding to a prompt.

Training your q muscle to pre-emptively record macros might be a better approach in the long term. ;-)

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