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I am currently on the .Net 3.5 stack (including VS2008 tooling) and will not be upgrading anytime soon. What options are available to me in order to create a restful API that will be consumed by my own web application. I see my options as:

  • MVC2 (less of a choice as the team is not comfortable with it)
  • WCF with HTTP toolkit. (not sure what version I should be looking at for my stack)

I need the following features:

  • Authentication via cookies (I quite like the ActionFilter approach of MVC for this)
  • Authorization on a resource basis (User, account, etc. Again, I like the AF approach to this)
  • Everything runs under HTTPS

My uncertainty is what versions, etc do I look at for my stack and what are the arguments for and against each?

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Why is your team not comfortable with MVC2? –  Shane Courtrille Jul 11 '11 at 0:13

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There are a few options:

A few more I have found on the web but know nothing about:

You can use MVC directly but keep in mind that is is not designed as a REST framework so doesn't thinks like content negotiation for you. You would have to build that yourself. Depending on what you are trying to do that might be a lot of work or it might be quite simple.

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Also look at Mindtouch Dream: is a very mature Rest server and client library. Some points

  • It has a very good support for async services
  • can work with .net 3.5 or mono.
  • the last version can also be integrated with Asp Mvc (optional, its completety independent from asp).
  • its on github

(I'm not sure about if it will meet your Authentication / Authorization needs)

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