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Im reading an XML file with ajax. Everything is working, I have just no idea how to get the string out of the xml file. The xml file looks like this:

        <money id="1">10</money>
        <money id="2">25</money>
        <money id="3">40</money>
        <money id="4">60</money>

Now I would like to get the value of the tag money with the attribute 4. How can i get it with javascript?

file = responseObject.responseXML;
alert(file.getElementsbyTagName("money")[2].//an now?

And how to get the value of the money tag with id 2?

Thank you

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I guess file.getElementsByName("bank")[0].getElementById(/*the id*/).nodeValue shoud work. – Jay Jul 11 '11 at 0:26

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try file.getElementById('2')?

Also why don't use use JSON instead..

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I'm not aware of how browser handle it, but normaly getElementById() should not work on a XML-structure without a known namespace because it is unclear which attribute is an ID. Normally it is declared in the DTD. – Saxoier Jul 11 '11 at 0:29

The first Child of <money> is a textnode.

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