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I have a batch file in which I write, which doesn't work

set num_args = 0


set num_args=0


If this is a property of batch file, it's fine. Can we somehow override this to make the batch file look more elegant.

Edit: Batch file in windows.

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Batch file in what? – George Johnston Jul 11 '11 at 0:53
Is this a question about Windows? In most Unix scripting languages, like bash, the spaces are not legal. – Ray Toal Jul 11 '11 at 0:54

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In Windows, those aren't the same.


set num_args = 0

creates a variable called "num_args " with the value " 0" (note the spaces), whereas this:

set num_args=0

creates a variable called "num_args" with the value "0".

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You can define a procedure to do an assignment (somewhere outside of a scope of a main program). Something like this:

:ASSIGN [VarName] [Value]
    call set %~1=%~2
    exit /B 0

Use it like this:

call :ASSIGN num_args 0
call :ASSIGN some_var 1
call :ASSIGN text_var "A text with spaces in it."
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