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If I completely write all the code for a product and have referenced the library that is licensed under the GPL, am I required to provide the full source code to my entire product?

The library in question is SharpZipLib. I have an auto-updater that downloads a zip file and uses this library to extract the file. I read the GNU GPL and it doesn't quite answer my question the way I was hoping.

If I am required to provide full source code, I will just switch to another, free version of ZIP file extraction because open-source is not an option.

A library is licensed under the GNU GPL. If an executable/binary references that (unmodified) library, am I required to provide the full source code to the entire executable/binary?

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In the website you can read that the library is GPL with the linking exception. That means the source code for your product does not have to be GPL (notice however that if you made any changes to the library itself, you must release those changes).

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Thank you for the brief answer, and explaining their special exception to me. I will accept this as the answer in 2 minutes. –  Brian Graham Jul 11 '11 at 2:22
@dark-slipstream No problem, I know how much trouble a license can cause... –  mwk Jul 11 '11 at 2:27

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