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I have just installed Mono 2.10.1_3, MonoDevelop 2.4.2, and MonoTouch 4.0.3. In the order outlined on the website. Now I am trying to walk through some of the tutorials for developing on the iPhone using MonoTouch. However, I am stuck right at the start on the HelloWorld tutorial:

When creating a new solution and selecting C# then iPhone and iPad:

  • iPhone Window-based Project
  • iPhone OpenGL Project
  • iPhone Navigation-based Project
  • iPhone Utility Project
  • MonoTouch Library Project
  • Empty MonoTouch Project
  • iPad Window-based Project
  • Universal Window-based Project

There is no iPhone MonoTouch Project displayed in this list as shown in the Tutorial. So I guess my question is this: should there be an option for iPhone MonoTouch Project in the list or is this a newer version and this project template has been replaced by one of the options shown above? If so, which one?

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It seems that these are the new options for this version of MonoTouch. I found this site: and it shows the same options I am seeing in MonoDevelop. It would appear the tutorial needs to be updated. – Developer Jul 11 '11 at 4:21

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iPhone Window-based Project is your friend (it shows an small C# indicating the usage of MonoTouch)

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