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I want to replace // but not ://. I'm using this function to fix broken urls:

function fix ($path)
    return preg_replace( "/\/+/", "/", $path );

For example:



Output (collapsed blocks of more than one slash):


That is OK, but if I pass a URL I break the http:// part, and end up with http:/. For example:


I get:


I want to keep the http:// intact:

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You can solve it rather easily using a negative lookbehind:

function fix ($path)
    return preg_replace("#(?<!:)/{2,}#", "/", $path);

Note that I've also changed your delimiter from / to #, so you don't have to escape slashes.
Working example: http://ideone.com/6zGBg

This can still match the second slash if you have more than two (file://// -> file://). If this is a problem, you can use #(?<![:/])/{2,}#.
Example: http://ideone.com/T2mlR

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return preg_replace("/[^:]\/+/", "/", $path);
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This will remove a character for every block - 12///3 -> 1/3 –  Kobi Jul 11 '11 at 5:21

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