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<jsp:useBean id="addBean" scope="request" class="org.mypackage.products.add_product6_Variables" />
    <% addBean.initialize(); %>
    <jsp:setProperty name="addBean" property="*" />
    <jsp:useBean id="validateBean" scope="request" class="org.mypackage.products.form_validator" />
                boolean pass = validateBean.validate_product6();
                if (pass) {
    <h1>Hello, <jsp:getProperty name="addBean" property="name_line1" />, <jsp:getProperty name="addBean" property="price" />!</h1>
    <% } else {%>
    <h1> Wasted!! <%= addBean.getError() %> </h1>
    <% }%>

I am having a form and using the bean validateBean to call he validator method of that form. In the validator method i am assigning a value to the variable of the first bean which is addBean. The variable assigned is error. Now when i run the program and submitted the form without filling anything i should get the error message displayed but i am getting null for the variable error which is the initial value.

My doubt is, if we use 2 beans in the same jsp page and if the first bean assigns some value to a variable and if the second bean is used to modify that, again if i use first bean to print the value of the same variable, will it not get affected ? Ask me if this is not clear.

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If you understand Java, one way to figure out what's going on is to look at the generated sevlet code for this jsp. –  Miserable Variable Jul 11 '11 at 6:04
Can you add the source for "addBean" and "validateBean"? –  mschonaker Jul 11 '11 at 6:08

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