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Is there any way to get the files associated with a windows service? Local and remote machine. In case of IIS i use the config file to get list of IIS services and their absolute path on the machine. Need to do this via code.


EDIT: To make the question clear, i need to get the installation path of the service.

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System.Diagnostics has functionality to query running processes:

Process[] processlist = Process.GetProcesses();

foreach(Process theprocess in processlist){
    Console.WriteLine(“Process: {0} ID: {1} File {2}”, 

If you want installed services rather then running processes you can use:


from System.ServiceProcess

you can get the file paths using the methodology described here: how to get phyiscal path of windows service using .net?

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i was just going to update here that i achieved it using WMI ! Thanks for the link. I'll accept your answer. –  Aadi Droid Jul 11 '11 at 8:49

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