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What is the best way to update tables based on time in MySQL or PostGre ?

For example I have a database with the following records.

ColumnA  StartTime  EndTime
123      02:05:01   02:06:01   
456      02:06:01   02:07:01

Is it possible to update the values of the two columns based on the EndTime column, possibly a time event? I tried using cronjobs but I think it is not suitable for time specific events(seconds) specially if the database has a large number of rows?

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It's possible to wrap things in a case, if that's what you're meaning:

update foo
set ColumnA = case
    when EndTime < now() then 321
    else 654
    StartTime = case
where ...
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thnx for the suggestion but that's not what I meant :) –  Mark Harold C. Rivera Jul 27 '11 at 4:35

Looks like you can use Mysql Events, If you are using 5.1

Here is a linked solution Does MySQL have time-based triggers?

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Thank you for this one. Anyone is there a similar tool such as this in Postgresql? –  Mark Harold C. Rivera Jul 27 '11 at 4:36

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