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I have an iphone app where i display a series of images. When the user taps an image i need to bring that image to the first position,indicating it is the selected image. I am able to achieve the tap in uiscrollview by means of subclassing.But I am not able to position the imageview to the first in uiscrollview. Please help out of this problem. Thanks in advance.

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You can move the scroll view to a desired position using contentOffset property. You can calculate the image position using the touch position. For example, if the images are scrolled horizontally,

float _x = touchedX - (touchedX % imageViewWidth);
CGPoint contentOffset = CGPointMake(_x, 0); // to scroll horizontally
[scrollView setContentOffset:contentOffset animated:YES];
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if u know the position of the imageview in the scrollview, then u can make it to show in the view with the help of setContentOffset:animated: in UIScrollView.

Hope this would help you.

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