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Is there a definitive standard for the cursor on an HTML checkbox?

Default, pointer, or (shudder) text?

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If you don't style it, what does it look like? Looks rather defaultish to me. But if you just never style it, the user agent can choose how it wants to display it. And so I fail to really see what this question is about. –  Chris Morgan Jul 11 '11 at 6:10

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According to CSS Cursor Property, it appears that the default setting for cursor is auto and it lets the browser decide what is to be displayed when a user interacts with a checkbox. I guess there would be a "definitive standard" for each browser, so I guess there really isn't a standard? Do whatever you'd like while keeping it reasonable (no text cursors, please!)

Most checkboxes that I come across use the default cursor (but maybe that's due to my use of Google Chrome).

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Great, thanks for the info! Makes sense. –  Steve Jul 15 '11 at 1:20

Depends on what is your definition of "Definitive standard". Default is default, which means without any modification, the look will be shown with default settings (pointer).

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In the web world, no standard exist. Even W3C never issues standards, but recommendations. Therefore, whatever you like to do, you're free to do. But there are some guidelines, conventions, and recommendations which is better to be followed, if you want to conform to the cummunity.

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