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Rubyinside mentioned a blog post on how to speed up gem installation by not installing RI or RDoc.

Is it possible to install a gem and subsequently install documentation at a later date, so you can hack in haste and RTFM at leisure?

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> gem help rdoc

Usage: gem rdoc [args] [options]
      --all                        Generate RDoc/RI documentation for all
                                   installed gems
      --[no-]rdoc                  Include RDoc generated documents
      --[no-]ri                    Include RI generated documents
  -v, --version VERSION            Specify version of gem to rdoc
  GEMNAME       gem to generate documentation for (unless --all)
  Generates RDoc for pre-installed gems
  --version '>= 0' --rdoc --ri
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How about modifying the documentation of an already installed gem? My question is here… – Yasky Apr 26 '11 at 5:50

If you run gem rdoc --all it will generate documentation for all your gems.

You can also use the following command to generate docs for gems in your bundle:

bundle list | egrep '\*' | sed -e 's/* \(.*\) (.*)/\1/g' | xargs -n 1 gem rdoc

You may need to adapt to your needs and also if bundle changes its output format.

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Thanks simao, I am getting too much information, so now I find myself running bundle list | egrep '\*' | sed -e 's/* \(.*\) (.*)/\1/g' | xargs -n 1 gem rdoc --no-ri 2>&1 | grep -v "Gem::SourceIndex" – kbrock Jan 20 '14 at 20:36

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