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When I try to bind my socket I need to specify the address family in the addrinfo/sockaddr-structure I pass in to the call to bind(), or one will get an winsock error 10047 (Address family not supported by protocol family.)

What if I created a socket elswhere not knowing its address family... How could I get the address family for that socket, so i can bind it?

getsockname only works for bound sockets :/...

I don´t want to force the caller of my function to pass the address family to my functions, especially if she/he/it uses AF_UNSPEC/PF_UNSPEC when creating her/his socket


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found the answer... will post it as soon as im able to... –  Incubbus Jul 11 '11 at 9:17

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Since I am using Winsock I did search the MSDN for a short while and found WSADuplicateSocket.

WSADuplicateSocket(Socket, GetCurrentProcessId(), &proto);
SocketAF = proto.iAddressFamily;

Works fine for windows machines...

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Also getsockopt with SO_PROTOCOL_INFO could be used for retrieve same information. –  Ation Jul 11 '11 at 13:09

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