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I using Ioc pattern(Ninject) in my application. I want make a test case (using TypeMock) to testing Ioc pattern(Ninject). but I don't know how to mock object which creating using Ninject. Kindly let me know how can I inject mock or inject dependencies using TypeMock. Thanks

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I'm not sure what you're testing but you might be interested in using Isolate.Swap

Just create a fake object and then call Swap so that the next instance created shall be a fake one - no need for Ioc:

var fakeObject = Isolate.Fake.Instace<MyObject>();
// Call code under test

The first object of type MyObject created after this code will be a fake object.

If you do want to use Ioc to inject your fake object you need to be able to set it to return the object created using Isolate.Fake.Instace.

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