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$rsm = new ResultSetMapping;
$rsm->addEntityResult('Default_Model_School', 's');
$rsm->addMetaResult('s', 'distance', 'distance'); // no
$rsm->addFieldResult('s', 'id', 'id');
$rsm->addFieldResult('s', 'establishment_name', 'establishment_name');

$query = $this->_em->createNativeQuery(
                'SELECT *, a*b AS distance
                 FROM schools',

I am trying to get distance out from the query.

I tried the following, which works but breaks my other queries...

$rsm->addMetaResult('s', 'distance', 'distance');

and added the column to my entity...

* @var string $distance
* @Column(type="string")
private $distance;

This does not seem right as the column does not exist.

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Just a though but what are you trying to do that at a db level? I'll go for either storing distance in database or compute it on the fly in my entity, it should be cheap. – Boris Guéry Jul 13 '11 at 10:48

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