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What's the simplest way to detect CDROM media removal and insertion in Linux? I want to write some simple code to handle this. For example, just bind an event for media insertion and implement the handler.


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Try man udev, or man hotplug.

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The desktop 'standards' have options for this.

For example I think Gnome uses dbus for this:


[..] These applications are mainly used by desktop environment to carry out tasks when an event occurs such as open the file browser when a USB drive is inserted or image application when a camera is inserted.

D-Bus is used for example to launch media players when a audio CD is inserted and to notify other applications of the currently playing song for example.


You could just have your desktop shell (e.g. Gnome/nautilus) call your application when the even happens:



For the non-desktop version of this, man udev is indeed your friend. Info on writing udev rules is here:


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Does udev work for USB CDROM? –  flypen Jul 12 '11 at 1:37
@flypen: yes indeed –  sehe Jul 12 '11 at 6:31

The simplest way from user space is to grep the output of the mount command, provided you have configured the CDROM for automount ( in /etc/fstab).But if you want to have an asynchronous notification, you might need to look into udev rules and uevents.

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