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We have an intranet-based application, and users have desktop scanners (which are TWIAN but not WIA compatible). Users need to 'click to scan' from the browser window (IE 8) and save the scanned image to the application with minimal user-interaction.

I've got a c# winform app with this functionality, but I'm struggling to integrate it with the browser (IE 8).

I have considered:

  • A Browser-Helper Object calling the winform app as a dll
  • A BHO with its own implementation of the scan functionality
  • Silverlight

Are there any other approaches I should consider?

What I've got so far is pretty COM-heavy, based on this question/answer and using the .NET TWAIN samples at code project.

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If you consider commercial products, check out this TWAIN online demo. It's perfect for your situation. –  flysakura Jun 11 '12 at 5:55

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Is Siverlight an option for you? (Will your customers install it) If so having a single Siverlight page for scanning may be the best option.

Can the scanner be setup to email scanned images, if so you could have your web app read images that was emailed to it.

As you already know WinForm, maybe a small “click once” winform app that does the scanning – this depends on the customers being willing to install the .net framework.

(There are still some things that are a pain in the neck for Web Apps, but customers asked for WebApp as they want “nothing to install”)

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Yes, .Net will be available but it needs to feel like part of the existing app/browser. Silverlight is indeed an option... What are the advantages? –  Lambo Jul 11 '11 at 9:37
@Lambo, you have to learn Silverlight and you have to get your customer to install it, and you are limited in what platforms it will run on. –  Ian Ringrose Jul 11 '11 at 9:42

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