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I am new to dojo and somewhat new to symfony as well and am having a wee problem here: I want to reload a part of my page using Ajax but it includes a Javascript which needs to be executed. This isn't reallly a problem in prototype or Jquery but I just can't figure it out in dojo. (I need to use dojo because it's a part of symfony and already in heavy use on the page I'm supposed to modify. I also know this is probably improped technique but it's just a little mod I need to do and this would be the easiest way ...)
Can you help??

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You can do it by using dojo's require tool

For more information regarding this, take a look at the documentation

dojo.require("", false, true);

Call this when you want to load the javascript file, mostly after the ajax request is complete. So that if this javascript is to alter/perform some operations on the ajax loaded content placed into DOM, you won't get NOT_FOUND dom exception.

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I thought dojo.require() was for dojo modules? To clarify: I want to execute the inline script in the html that's being reloaded by Ajax ... – thomas Jul 11 '11 at 15:52

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