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I am trying to duplicate a row in my table, into another table. There query looks like this

INSERT INTO `quote_block_arc` (`id`,`quote_id`,`name`,`description`,`price`,`hours`,`days`,`total_hours`,`is_print`,`amends`) SELECT `id`,`quote_id`,`name`,`description`,`price`,`hours`,`days`,`total_hours`,`is_print`,`amends` FROM `quote_block` WHERE `quote_id` = '41'

However, it failing saving there is a duplicate key for this row, is there a way to ignore that warning and run the query?

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Why would your want to have a duplicate key in your table? If you do not net the unique key remove the constraint in the schema. If you need the unique key, you will not want a duplicate key. – pintxo Jul 11 '11 at 9:38
@cmmi - I'm not having duplicates, I'm inserting data from 1 table into another. – dotty Jul 11 '11 at 9:47
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This error occurs because you have specified one of the columns of your table to be UNIQUE. You cannot have 2 rows with the same value for this column. If you want to replace the existing row instead, use REPLACE instead of INSERT. If you really want rows containing the same value for the column, remove the UNIQUE modifier from that column.

Using INSERT IGNORE as described in some of the other answers will prevent the error being issued, but will not update the table.

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I've looked into REPLACE, and it works well. However, some times i need to use REPLACE and other time I'll need INSERT, is there a way to do "REPLACE OR INSERT INTO"? – dotty Jul 11 '11 at 9:44

You can perform INSERT IGNORE, or INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Another way is to check result of the query, if it's false - check the error, and if the error code is 1062 (duplicate entry) to continue execution as if there were no error.

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INSERT IGNORE INTO `quote_block_arc` (`id`,`quote_id`,`name`,`description`,`price`,`hours`,`days`,`total_hours`,`is_print`,`amends`) SELECT `id`,`quote_id`,`name`,`description`,`price`,`hours`,`days`,`total_hours`,`is_print`,`amends` FROM `quote_block` WHERE `quote_id` = '41'
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This will not add the entry if there is duplicate key error. – Naltharial Jul 11 '11 at 9:41
the question states that he wants to ignore the error – ianbarker Jul 11 '11 at 10:00

Having a duplicate row in a table with a unique/primary constraint would violate its integrity. You should check what the key is and confirm if you actually need to copy it. For example, AUTO_INCREMENT primary keys are traditionally not inserted because the database will fill that for you automatically. I'd check the destination table quote_block_arc if id is AUTO_INCREMENT. IF it is, remove it from the INSERT and let MySQL insert it by itself.

Using INSERT IGNORE will result in your row not being inserted. Use REPLACE if you want to overwrite the duplicate key, but I do not recommend it over the method I've described earlier.

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@cmmi - I'm not having duplicates, I'm inserting data from 1 table into another.

I recommend you get the highest id from the target quote_block_arc, you then add that to the id in your SELECT subquery. That way, you know how to update any other related entries in other tables that reference those rows. If you were to let the RDBMS assign new ids for you, all relation would be lost.

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