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Is possible to take a backup of zfs storage pool ? If the FS is on a raw disk, we can open and read the character device interface to replicate the disk to a file.We can mount the file using the loop device interface. Is it possible to do this in zpool programatically using open, read system calls?

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I'd recommend looking into the ZFS replication feature, which uses the send and receive subcommands. With those tools, you can generate a block-level data stream of a particular dataset and save that stream to a file. If you generate a stream for the root dataset and include all child datasets, that will capture all data in the pool. Note that zfs send operates on a snapshot, so you will need to take a recursive snapshot beforehand:

zfs snapshot -r tank@current
zfs send -R tank@current > ./stream.zfs

Then when you want to restore your data:

cat ./stream.zfs | zfs receive tank
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