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I did the merging multiple documents into one singe document (Test.docx) with FeedData and it works fine.

When I open the merged document Test.docx with WinZip, content looks like this:
File1.docx, File2.docx, File3.docx, where all merged documents are being stored like external files into Test.docx file.

Now wondering if there are possibility to be created one single document Test.docx with whole content inside instead of multiple files to be stored as it noted above, this will helps me a lot when I'm making Search / Replace content since like this, we opening file by file procedure?

Note: If I open the Test.docx via MS Word and press "Save", MS Word do the job but I would like to produce the same result via code?

Thank you in advance.

Best Tod

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Take a look at this article, and see if this is what you're looking for:


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