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I changed my code in this way becuase there was some errors,

$sql = 'dbname.dbo.mySP'; $var = mssql_init($sql); mssql_bind($var, 'Param1', $param1, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 40); //varchar mssql_bind($var, 'Param2', $param2, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //datetime mssql_bind($var, 'Param3', $param3, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //datetime mssql_bind($var, 'Param4', $param4, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //varchar if (!($result = mssql_execute($var))) { print mssql_get_last_message(); }

but I get the same error

Warning: mssql_execute(): stored procedure execution failed in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/xxx/xxx/xxx.php3 on line 1072 // this line is the if statement of course

The problem is similar to other posts in internet, but I can't fix my issue using their solutions, so I thought to open a new topic.

I implemented a stored procedure in my db (SQL Server 2008), it takes minutes to run, even using the SQL Server Management Studio but it doesn’t fail there, but when I try to call it from my PHP page after 60 seconds it stops and gives me “stored procedure execution failed” error.

This is my PHP code:

$sql = “dbname.dbo.mySP”;

mssql_bind($sql, “Param1”, $param1, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 40); //varchar
mssql_bind($sql, “Param2”, $param2, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //datetime
mssql_bind($sql, “Param3”, $param3, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //datetime
mssql_bind($sql, “Param4”, $param4, SQLVARCHAR, false, false, 10); //varchar


The SP should insert records in a table in the db, so I don’t have any variable as result.


   host = servername
   port = 1433
   tds version = 8.0
   client charset = UTF-8
   instance= myinstance

I tried to:

  • Change the host in the FreeTDS to the IP instead of the server name.
  • Increase and decrease PHP variables in the php.ini file (set_time_limit, default_socket_timeout, mssql.timeout, max_execution_time, etc) to check what was the actual variable to command the timeout. No luck with that, those changes didn’t affect the page.
  • Run the SP in Java, code. It worked, so I think the issue is about PHP.
  • Use the SQL Server Profile to check if the process hangs in the db. But the sql process stops after the page gives back the error. So the db is working fine, but the connection just stops.
  • Create a fresh new connection to the db.

Any of those above work, I don’t know what to try more.

Can someone please advice?

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If the complexity of your stored proc. leads you to think it should execute much faster, rebuild your indexes and update statistics –  Mitch Wheat Jul 11 '11 at 11:00
I have been having similar problems... seems fairly random, I was wanting to use PDO for all mine, but sometimes it works form some SP's and not others. Even with using the original mssql_execute method, still very unreliable. I have no real answer, except as suggested make sure Db end is as optimised as possible. –  Brian Jul 11 '11 at 11:41
Since it sounds like a timeout issue, I think that your second bullet is the right approach - it sounds like your issue is "why isn't my PHP page using these config values" –  Mikeb Jul 11 '11 at 12:47
@MitchWheat the complexity is not a big issue. It compares a lot of data, the execution is acceptable. –  graziella iezzi Jul 11 '11 at 12:57
@Brian I never used PDO, it sounds interesting I'll have a look and let you know if this is helpful for my issue. @Mikeb This is the first think I thought, but after trying to work on that for 2 days I thought to try something else. This issue started to became weird. –  graziella iezzi Jul 11 '11 at 13:05

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