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I am making a C# winforms application in which i am using a webbrowser control for web scraping. I need to access an array in the html source. One way i figured can be javascript but i am not sure how to get return value from javascript function without using interop(Invokescript). Is there any way to execute custom javascript functions without using interop?

At the moment i am trying something like this:

webBrowser1.Navigate("javascript:function foo(){alert(orderInformation[1]);}foo();");

I want the value in orderInformation[1] in a string variable.

Also is there any other way i can extract the value in orderInformation[1] apart from using javascript. A block of HTML code i am trying to parse is:

                var orderInformation=new Array(12);
                ordersMap['1400319'] = orderInformation;

var url = new String("/"+document.forms[0].OrderId.value);,"dispopup",properties);

All i want is to access orderInformation and using interop seems to be a overkill.

Can it be done using DOM?


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Download that page and parse the text between <script> tags. This way, you don't have to run Javascript and can simply use text processing to get the order details.

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that is what i am doing at the moment but it is not very reliable since it a long html page and there are some variations sometimes in the html response. Can the same thing be done using DOM?? – Steve Jul 11 '11 at 11:49

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