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I have a aspx-page with several textboxes and buttons. However, when the cursor is in a textbox, one of the buttons is still "in focus". So when I hit the Enter-key the button is pressed. What I want is to disable the ability to trigger buttons with the Enter-key, or at least when the cursor is in a textbox.

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Set of the focus on the textbox where the curson is when the page is loaded - window.onLoad() method.

If its the only submit button in you form then it will be triggered automatically when you press enter. To disable it , you have to mark its as disabled.

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You can try Button.UseSubmitBehavior, or disable the submit of the form using Javascript.

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Is there a similar ImageButton.UseSubmitBehavior? – hightow Jul 11 '11 at 13:46
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The solution for me was this:

TextBox.Attributes.Add("onkeypress", "return event.keyCode!=13");

on every textboxs and radiobuttons to prevent the enter key to submit the form.

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