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In order to pass one datatime field to another I do this:

DynamicEntity leadEntity = new DynamicEntity(EntityName.lead.ToString());               
CrmDateTime modifiedby = (CrmDateTime)myImage.Properties["modifiedby"];
CrmDateTimeProperty dtAssignedBy = new CrmDateTimeProperty

How do I do the same for lookups? if 'modifiedby' and 'new_assignedbyid' were lookups, how can I pass the chosen value of

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Which version of CRM? 4 or 2011? –  glosrob Sep 4 '11 at 11:03

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The following link has a good overview


There are two main properties - value and type which must be set for the lookup to be valid.

So you could do something like:

var modifiedby = (Lookup)myImage.Properties["modifiedby"];
var new_modifiedby = new Lookup();
new_modifiedby.value = modifiedby.value;
new_modifiedby.type = modifiedby.type;

Although you could probably just as easily do

var new_modifiedby = (Lookup)myImage.Properties["modifiedby"];

But I haven't verified that one.

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