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i'm working since hours on this issue without any success, hope to get some help here! I use the tablesorter plugin to sort table on client side. First of all, I set an default sort order and initalize the sorter-plugin:

var defaultSort=[[4,1]];

Which does not work (does not sort) while this works:

 $("#myTable").tablesorter({sortList: [[4,1]]});

Can't see a reason for this behavior.

Later, I add columns dynamically by using getJSON. After adding a line, I have to update the tablesorter and order again (because of the new rows). For that: read the current "sortList" and try to apply this list:


But this does not work. There is no ordering. An console.info(sortOrder) returns 4 instead of [[4,1]]. Why?

But all this code works, if the sortList is hardcoded, like:


Thank you

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try this:

var myTable = $("#myTable");
var sortOrder=myTable.trigger("update")[0].config.sortList;

in your 3rd example you wrote


sortOrder is having toString() called on it when you stick it in that string. That's at least one of the reasons it's not working.

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thank you, for your answer.. your "try this" block works. How to avoid :"sortOrder is having toString() called on it when you stick it in that string."?? –  The Bndr Jul 11 '11 at 14:49
setTimeout('$("#myTable").trigger("sorton",[sortOrder]);',1); but wrapping it in a function is cleaner –  ilia choly Jul 11 '11 at 17:47

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