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I am adding a gyro/accel driver (Invensense MPU3050), available here to my kernel (LPC Linux). I use LTIB for building the image and rootfs.

I manage in adding all files and the driver is available and compiles perfectly! Now I need to add a mpu3050_platform_data structure in the i2c_board_info_structure in the "board-generic.c" file (README) and then register it adding some lines in the same "board-generic.c" file.

Problem is, I cannot locate this/these file/s. Is their name depending on the linux distribution? Is the same info written somewhere else?

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You need to add this to the file supporting the tegra board you are using. In the current 3.0-rc3 kernel (last tag I have checked out), I see these tegra board files (in arch/arm/mach-tegra):

  • board-harmony.c
  • board-paz00.c
  • board-seaboard.c
  • board-trimslice.c

These files configure the static devices for a given tegra board. Your config file then selects which ones are built. Here are the corresponding config options (from arch/arm/mach-tegra/Kconfig):

comment "Tegra board type"

       bool "Harmony board"
       select MACH_HAS_SND_SOC_TEGRA_WM8903
         Support for nVidia Harmony development platform

config MACH_KAEN
       bool "Kaen board"
       select MACH_SEABOARD
       select MACH_HAS_SND_SOC_TEGRA_WM8903
         Support for the Kaen version of Seaboard

config MACH_PAZ00
       bool "Paz00 board"
         Support for the Toshiba AC100/Dynabook AZ netbook

       bool "Seaboard board"
       select MACH_HAS_SND_SOC_TEGRA_WM8903
         Support for nVidia Seaboard development platform. It will
     also be included for some of the derivative boards that
     have large similarities with the seaboard design.

       bool "TrimSlice board"
       select TEGRA_PCI
         Support for CompuLab TrimSlice platform

       bool "Wario board"
       select MACH_SEABOARD
         Support for the Wario version of Seaboard

Your build system (LTIB) certainly defines one of these config macros (CONFIG_MACH_HARMONY for instance). Look at your config file, see which one is enabled, and add the declaration of your i2c device in the corresponding board-xxx.c file.

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