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Did defaultdict's become not marshal'able as of Python 2.6? The following works under 2.5, fails under 2.6 with "ValueError: unmarshallable object" on OS X 1.5.6, python-2.6.1-macosx2008-12-06.dmg from

from collections import defaultdict
import marshal
dd = defaultdict(list)
marshal.dump(dd, file('/tmp/junk.bin','wb') )
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Marshal was deliberately changed to not support subclasses of built-in types. Marshal was never supposed to handle defaultdicts, but happened to since they are a subclass of dict. Marshal is not a general "persistence" module; only None, integers, long integers, floating point numbers, strings, Unicode objects, tuples, lists, sets, dictionaries, and code objects are supported.

Python 2.5:

>>> marshal.dumps(defaultdict(list))
>>> marshal.dumps(dict())

If for some reason you really want to marshal a defaultdict you can convert it to a dict first, but odds are you should be using a different serialization mechanism, like pickling.

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Thanks Miles. Problem is there is a very significant performance difference between pickling and marshaling - at the data size I'm working with it amounts to a few hours for each run. I guess I'll stick with 2.5 or convert to a dict before marshaling. – Parand Mar 20 '09 at 9:42
Are you using cPickle, with HIGHEST_PROTOCOL? – Miles Mar 21 '09 at 6:26

wrt performance issues.. encoding a list of ~600000 dicts, each with 4 key/values, one of the values has a list (around 1-3 length) of 2 key/val dicts:

In [27]: timeit(cjson.encode, data)

In [28]: timeit(cPickle.dumps, data, -1)

In [30]: timeit(marshal.dumps, data, marshal.version)
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gc.disable(); timeit(cPickle.dumps, ...); gc.enable() gets the time down to around 14 seconds, which might be a good enough improvement – Henrik Gustafsson Jun 3 '09 at 13:53
Ran similar benchmarks here and marshal is about 15 times faster than cPickle for dictionaries and lists on my BeagleBoard. Never thought that would be the case. Thanks @dsvensson for the free enlightenment. – Edu Felipe Jun 14 '11 at 15:52

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