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We have CODE_ANALYSIS defined in our C# components so that FxCop analyzes them when we build them on our development boxes. I would like to have FxCop turned off when it runs through our build system. The build system is obviously using the msbuild.exe command line command. Is there a way to modify the conditional compilation symbols from this executable? If not, does anyone know any other possible solutions to my problem (other than turning it off manually)?


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The CODE_ANALYSIS compilation symbol controls whether the SuppressMessageAttribute instances included in the code are copied into the compiled assembly. It does not control whether FxCop runs. If you want to override a project-level MSBuild property like RunCodeAnalysis (which is the beastie that controls whether FxCop runs under MSBuild), you should be able to use the MSBuild.exe /property command line switch. e.g.:

msbuild.exe <...> /property:RunCodeAnalysis=true
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I found out that we are actually using a post build command to launch FxCop. Nevertheless, you answer was helpful. Thank you. –  blachniet Jul 11 '11 at 16:57

Why do you need to turn them off? The best way to set up the project is to define CODE_ANALYSIS for debug configurations only. The release version will not have this value set. That way, when you build production installs, they will not have any references to FxCop.

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