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I got an array containing path names and file names

['css/demo/main.css', 'home.css', 'admin/main.css','account']

I want to create those files and folders if they are not existed yet. Overwrite them if they are already existed.

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For each of this paths you'll have to specific whether it is a file or a directory. Or you could make your script assume, that the path is pointing to a file when the basename (the last part of the path) contains a dot.

To create a directory recursively is simple:

mkdir(dirname($path), 0755, true); // $path is a file
mkdir($path, 0755, true);          // $path is a directory

0755 is the umask, you can read about it here:

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  function mkpath($path)
    if(@mkdir($path) or file_exists($path)) return true;
    return (mkpath(dirname($path)) and mkdir($path));

This makes paths recursively.

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mkdir() can do this on its own. No need for a special function. – phant0m Jul 11 '11 at 14:09

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