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does code igniter provide css or javascript to help make iframes and web pages within webpages? Any suggestions on how to go about doing this in CI? I need to make a menu that when you put your mouse over it, the button while drop down other buttons. The when you click the corresponding button the iframe below populates from the database.

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This really has nothing to do with codigniter, This is a HTML / Javascript Frontend issue... – jondavidjohn Jul 11 '11 at 14:13

No, CodeIgniter does not provide any help on Javascript manipulation. It is a PHP framework. Server based, not oriented toward client interfaces.

EDIT : Since, this has been downvoted, let me quote official CodeIgniter documentation.

Javascript Class : Note: This driver is experimental. Its feature set and implementation may change in future releases.

With link provided : documentation.

Plus, I have downloaded the latest version 2.0.2. It does not contain any css nor javascript files. (Except for their documentation).

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