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I'm currently trying to write an internal application to be able to deploy our projects to acceptance and production servers with a single click. We are using phing to accomplish this.

At the moment I'm having difficulty checking out (or doing an svn export) the project. I use the following command:

<exec command="svn checkout ${} ${svn.exportdir} --force --username server --password <password>"  />

on a normal command line this works perfectly, however i get prompted to accept a certificate because the host uses https. Problem is there seems to be no parameter to automatically accept a certificate.

the --trust-server-cert doesn't help either, becase the certificate is rejected due to a hostname mismatch, where the parameter only bypasses a "CA is unknown"-error.

Any ideas on how I can check out (or export, update, ...) the project?

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Make sure you also pass --non-interactive to stop your command from waiting on user input. – Bert Huijben Jul 12 '11 at 12:34
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Do a wget on the svn servers HTTPS adress and accept the certificate permanently.

$ wget

And then press p to accept the cert.

I also added some hints to the PHP documentation about the problems with certificates:

Simply call

svn checkout --force --username server --password iMPs+nana0kIF

on your command line and accept the cert.

There could be still a problem when the user which executes the Phing command is not root, then you have to execute this command as the user which runs the Phing command:

su wwwrun wget https://... 
su wwwrun svn checkout https://...
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Just do one manual checkout as the user that will be running phing. You can checkout to /dev/null if you want to. Once you have accepted the certificate, it will stay accepted (if that user has a .subversion directory to store it).

By the way, any specific reason why you are using the svn commandline interface through and ExecTask instead of just using the SvnCheckoutTask directly?

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