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I want to get resque background processing working in production on my centos server for a rails 3 application.

I then want to monitor redis and resque with bluepill.

What is the best way to install redis in production for resque and also has anyone get a .pill file for redis and resque ?

Thanks Rick

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The Linode Library has a nice article about installing Redis in CentOS 5, and Resque's Github page is an excellent resource for Resque.

Redis Bluepill:

Bluepill.application("app-name") do |app|
  app.process("redis") do |process|
  process.start_command = "redis-server /path/to/redis.conf"
  process.daemonize = true
  process.pid_file = "/tmp/redis.pid"
  process.start_grace_time = 3.seconds
  process.stop_grace_time = 5.seconds
  process.restart_grace_time = 8.seconds

Bluepill's syntax is fairly straight-forward and I'll leave the .pill for Resque for you to try :)

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