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Totally simple situation, but I can't make it work. I am running into an issue with using Moq to mock a generic method (in this case, on a Ninject Kernel interface):

T Get<T>();

I set up my mock object:

Mock<IKernel> mockKernel = new Mock<IKernel>();
        mockKernel.Setup(x => x.Get<IGetUserQuery>()).Returns(new GetUserQuery());

At runtime I get the following exception:

Expression references a method that does not belong to the mocked object: x => x.Get<IGetUserQuery>(new[] {  })

Any idea why it's throwing this? I've mocked generics in Moq before without a problem... are there cases in which generic mocking isn't supported? This seems like a straightforward case. The only wrinkle is that IGetUserQuery in turn inherits from a genericized type:

IGetUserQuery : ICommand<UserQueryInput, UserQueryOutput>

I don't see this creating a problem because the generic types for this implementation of ICommand are staticly defined by IGetUserQuery, so I doubt this is confusing Moq.

Thanks in advance

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The problem is that T Get<T> () isn't actually a method defined in the IKernel interface, it is an extension method defined here.

Why are you trying to mock T Get<T> () in the first place? Interaction with the IoC container should be absolutely minimal, usually just at the toplevel "entry point" to your system.

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Thanks, this explains the behavior. Completely agree with you about directly accessing the kernel -- we are messing around with accessing the it directly at runtime in the odd case where we instantiate RequestScope objects on a SingletonScope object. –  Thomas Jul 11 '11 at 15:19

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