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Will FusionCharts work in a java-based application running in the Platform?

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FusionCharts is a client side component. Hence you would need to access your SF data and build XML as per FC data format and pass it to chart. You can use J2EE wrapper and various JavaScript API. – sudipto Jul 11 '11 at 16:52
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FusionCharts will indeed work on the platform. Here's how to go about it.

You would need to use the Java Web Services Connector (WSC) for from here There are a few samples provided there to get you started with that WSC. You will need this wrapper to query externally.

Here is another introduction to using the WSC

Once you are comfortable with the above two, here is a short tutorial on how to use FusionCharts in J2EE -

Now the thing with's objects is that you would need to know the attributes of each object before you write the query for them (as in, knowing the column names of a database table). You can know about them easily from this AIR app provided by - ForceExplorer

You can form the queries using ForceExplorer, and copy them down in your Java code. You would then write the returned data into an XML. This tutorial from the FusionCharts documentation outlines it very well -

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