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Is there a more elegant way to write the following code?

def get_text(element)
  text_node = element.children.find &:text?
  text_node.text if text_node
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You can write


which returns the raw text of text children of element excluding any text in descendant nodes (whereas your code only return the first text child of element).

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Remember that the DOM is hierarchical so you need to remove the child nodes:

Starting with this:

require 'nokogiri'

xml = <<EOT
  <a>some text
      <c>more text</c>

doc = Nokogiri::XML(xml)

If you don't mind doing it destructively:

doc.text #=> "\n  some text\n    \n  \n"

If you do mind:

a_node = Nokogiri::XML.fragment(doc.at('a').to_xml)

a_node.text #=> "some text\n    \n  "

Strip the trailing carriage returns and you should be good to go.

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of course this syntax will also help you


doc = Nokogiri::Slop <<-EOXML
  <employee status="active">
    <fullname>Dean Martin</fullname>
  <employee status="inactive">
    <fullname>Jerry Lewis</fullname>
# navigate!
doc.employees.employee.last.fullname.content # => "Jerry Lewis"

fullname = @doc.xpath("//character")
puts fullname.text
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