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I am writing a mock server in Ruby to test our internal API. I'd like to include a body of POST request in server response. I use Net::HTTP::Server and Net::HTTP class. Right now mock server looks like this:

require 'net/http/server'
require 'pp'
require 'json' => 8080) do |request,stream|
  pp request
  [200, {'Content-Type' => 'text/html'}, [request[:body]]]

Script that sends POST request with body is this:

require 'net/http'
require 'uri'

url = URI.parse(http://localhost:8080/)
x = {"country" => "Ukraine", "city" => 'Kiev'}

http =, url.port)
request =
response = http.request(request)

puts "Request body: #{request.body}"
puts "Response Body: #{response.body}"

However server log indicates that POST request did not contain body:

#Output from server    

#Output from script file:
Request body: country=Ukraine&city=Kiev
Response body:  

What did I do wrong?

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If you are just testing and want to mock out a response/check the request, why not just use webmock? –  Michael Papile Jul 11 '11 at 14:45
Michael, your suggestion actually solves this problem. –  Nikita Barsukov Jul 11 '11 at 15:02

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I assume it's a problem with net-http-server.

Try with WEBrick as your server:

require 'webrick'
include WEBrick   

def start_webrick(config = {})
  config.update(:Port => 8080)     
  server =
  yield server if block_given?
  ['INT', 'TERM'].each {|signal| 
    trap(signal) {server.shutdown}

start_webrick {|server|
  server.mount_proc('/') {|req, resp| 
    resp.body = req.body

This works for me, output is:

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Post requests are not supported. They are not included in the spec. Calling stream.body will block if the request body content-length is not a multiple of 4096.

Because calls, '')

You can get around by reading the socket in a non-blocking way if you don't know the size in advance. For example following handler will try to read the Request body and then simply return it in the Response body. If Content-Length is provided in the header, it will block waiting for the stream to send enough data till specified amount of bytes.

class PostHandler
 BUF_SIZE = 4096

 def call(request, stream)
    case request[:method].to_s
    when "POST"
        body = nil
        if request[:headers]["Content-Type"] == "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
            body = readBlock(stream.socket, request[:headers]["Content-Length"].to_i)
            body = readNonblock(stream.socket)
        unless body.nil?
            return [200, {}, [body] ]

     [404, {}, [""]]


  # blocking way to read the stream
  def readBlock(socket, length)

  # non-blocking alternative
  # stop reading as soon as it would block
  def readNonblock(socket)
    buffer = ""
    loop {
           buffer << socket.read_nonblock(BUF_SIZE)
       rescue Errno::EAGAIN
           # Resource temporarily unavailable - read would block

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I'm working on a similar thing at the moment. For "quick and dirty" testing I would suggest curl. For example:


curl http://localhost:3000/locations"


curl http://localhost:3000/locations -d "location[country]=Ukraine&location[city]=Kiev"


curl http://localhost:3000/locations/1 -X PUT -d "location[country]=Ukraine"


curl http://localhost:3000/locations/1 -X DELETE"

Having said that, for more robust testing, assuming you are using Rails/Rack, I'm using Cucumber for integration tests for the API. where you can simply use the rais/rack helpers, for example, in use case, for POST:

url = "http://localhost:3000/locations/"
hash = { "location" => { "country => "Ukraine", "city" => "Kiev" }
post url, hash
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