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I'm just trying to change the background color of all "h1" elments present under "p" as below but it's not working




Below is jsfiddle


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I think this fails because your markup is invalid –  David Caunt Jul 11 '11 at 14:52
You should know that having a header tag inside a paragraph tag is invalid html. W3C validator wouldn't validate it. –  kei Jul 11 '11 at 14:53
Don't put block elements like h1 in inline elements like span. –  Radu Jul 11 '11 at 14:56
@Radu strangely, chromium doesn't have problem with h1 inside a span, but can't accept it inside a "p". doesn't know if it's standard compliant since you can play so easily with inline/block display in css –  BiAiB Jul 11 '11 at 14:59
I don't believe that an <h1> tag is legal within a <p> tag, according to this: developer.mozilla.org/en/HTML/Element/h1. I tried to play with your fiddle to give you an answer, but it seems to be doing strange things with a header within a paragraph. –  FishBasketGordo Jul 11 '11 at 14:59

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your html markup is invalid. Look at the markup generated with a debugger:

    </p><h1>first h1 <span>span1

        <h1>another h1 inside span</h1>


seems you can't have a h* inside a p

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Thanks a lot..I'm just experimenting. If i put <div> instead of <p> it's working. –  Sukumar Jul 11 '11 at 14:59
@Sukumar you should learn about HTML elements, especially the difference between block and inline elements. –  David Caunt Jul 11 '11 at 15:01
Thanks. Now i got it. –  Sukumar Jul 11 '11 at 15:03
@Sukumar and use a debbuger (and learn to debug with it), it will surely spare lot of travels to here. –  BiAiB Jul 11 '11 at 15:04
@BiAiB Ok. I'll do that. Thanks for your help. –  Sukumar Jul 11 '11 at 15:05

See Nesting block level elements inside the <p> tag… right or wrong?:

No, a paragraph element may not contain other block elements.


A paragraph tag is intended for a block of text. If your elements is a part of the text (and not block elements), it would be semantically correct, otherwise not. A span tag with display:block is still a block element.

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+1 for link to spec –  Radu Jul 11 '11 at 15:07
thanks for link –  Sukumar Jul 11 '11 at 15:10
Thanks, but send some upvotes to Guffa who posted the answer to the SO question I linked to. –  Michael Levy Jul 11 '11 at 15:14

Most browsers are going to remove the h1 tags from the p tags so it's not going to work. Using a span and styling it like an H1 will work just as good. Also your markup was a bit chaotic, I would suggest cleaning it up.

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