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Yo. I can't figure how to use show log feature without setting [/] * = r ( reads to everyone/everyting). So i have a couples of groups in my authz file. Looks like this:

Profs = dave,bruno,franck
Team1 = 1036091,1036103,1036087
Team2 = 1016059,1016077
@Team1 = rw
@Team2 = rw
@Profs = rw

if i add

* = r

in the file, the show log feature works. But obviously everyone can download the other teams stuff...

I searched and found this guy had the exact same problem, never been answered

Thanks, Dave

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I experienced exactly the same problem. Googling did not provide with a solution, but after some experiments I found 2 solutions for this: One Work-Around and one great solution.

  1. Work-Around: Add [/] * = r to the authz file (and may be * = r to you application folder in the authz file also). Try a showlog with Tortoise and may be some compare methods in Tortoise. Remove the above lines from authz file and try agin. Tortoise somehow caches that and it seems to work

  2. Great solution: Add these lines to the svnserve.conf file:

anon-access = none auth-access = write

After that it worked as expected. Seems like the solution to me.

Good luck!

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tortoise caches the log, it works because it reads the cache, if you delete teh cache, or use the command line, youre screwed again. –  Vasil Popov Aug 23 '11 at 10:14
#2 worked well for me, thanks! –  Thorstenvv Dec 31 '12 at 16:05
#2 worked for me and this is better than the first one –  Alexander Nov 20 '14 at 8:39

The svn authz file (configuration file for mod_authz_svn which provides this Path-based authorization feature) can only setup read-only (r) or read-write (rw) access modes. Thus, there is no possibility to grant access for particular operation as it is quite obvious that for svn log operation you need to have read access which in its turn will allow checkout, info, etc

However, there is a solution from WANdisco which allows to build a shield around svn server with really advanced Access Control management. There you can find that there is a special permission called list which grants access specifically for log, info and ls svn commands.

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