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I'm currently working on something using the Buzz API, and I've installed the Google Api PHP Client library.

When I run it, it goes all very well, until I get an error message saying that:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method apiClient::getAccessToken() in (URL) on line 42

I have made Notepad++ search within ALL the files for this method, but there is not a single declaration of it. Please could someone provide the source code for this method or tell me where I could acquire it?

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the problem is that you use it somewhere and it is not declared.. so search after getAccessToken() and see where it is used. –  Vince V. Jul 15 '11 at 16:23

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Which parameters is this function called with?

I found this one for you: gData Sample

I repacked it for easier external use: smarcombes/HybridAuth

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