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I have a new employee that was given an iMac. He created a local account of his own and has been installing software and setting the computer up with his preferences.

What I've done:

*added his domain account to osx - DONE (Active Directory)
*given him local admin rights in osx - DONE (dseditgroup)

What I need help with:

I need to migrate his files and settings from the local account to the domain user account on that machine.

What is the best way to go about this so that his profile looks and acts the same way as the original account? I want to preserve all of his preferences.


EDIT- I think I found what I need to do --copy the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder with the com.apple.desktop.plist .

When I copy all of the files over and the account is on a domain I need to set the permission with chown to the for that user.

Do I set the permissions to "staff" or would it be my domain?

sudo chown -R username:staff username/    
sudo chown -R username:"mydomainname/domain users" username/ 


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I figured it out:

cp all files from one profile to the other

then, set the permissions like so:

sudo chown -R username:"mydomainname/domain users" username/

Works perfectly!

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