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I am attempting to create the following code through the use of CodeDom:

public partial class mainClass
    public byte[] bytes = null;

I have no problem creating the class, and I found ways to declare variables through the use of CodeDom using the CodeVariableDeclarationStatement method, but I am unsure of how to add a variable declaration as part of my class.

Here is what I have tried thus far:

CodeTypeDeclaration mainClass = new CodeTypeDeclaration("mainClass");
mainClass.IsPartial = true;
mainClass.IsClass = true;
mainClass.Attributes = MemberAttributes.Public;

CodeVariableDeclarationStatement variableDeclaration = new(CodeVariableDeclarationStatement(typeof(byte[]), "bytes", new CodePrimitiveExpression("String.Empty");

I am open to any suggestions and ideas. Thank you for any help, Evan.

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Try to use this

CodeMemberField field = new CodeMemberField(typeof(byte[]), "bytes");
field.Attributes = MemberAttributes.Public;

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Thank you. What if my declaration was to be part of a method, though. Would I use my original code? –  user725913 Jul 11 '11 at 15:27

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