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Can ANTLR output C# using StringTemplate or any text I want it to like Yacc/Bison or does it only output to java? From the examples I've looked at it appears to be a very java centric tool.

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The ANTLR IDE has option by which you can switch between Java and C# code generation.

Better, consult this article (the Specifying Code Generation section):


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I just started a small series of post about how exactly to install and use ANTLR for a .NET environment, as most documentation regarding this issue is a little out-of-date. See ANTLR for C#, Part 1.

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A blog article is always a good thing, thanks for the effort. +1 –  petr k. Dec 20 '08 at 3:51

There is now a NuGet package that will do everything for you.

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+1 for useful update. 2 years for 1 upvote, wow. –  mrjoltcola May 13 '14 at 6:00

You can download the latest source code as a tar file from here. The C# runtime (binary) is also available directly, here.

Which solution are you looking for?

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