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How do I write a query in TFS to show me users that have added comments in the history section of a work item in the past 2 days?

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       Team Project      =               @ Project

And    Work Item Type    =               [Any]

And    History           Contains        MY_KEY_PHRASE

And    Changed Date      >=              @Today - 2

Since Contains cannot be null we have to add a value to the History search.

MY_KEY_PHRASE = Whatever you want to put in your comments field, as a standard, to identify changes (such as "comments" or "cc" or "." etcetera).

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The easiest solution is to use prefix before any comments, so any one need to write comments just write "Comments:" keyword followed by carriage return before his comments and then

Edit the query

Add new criteria as the following:

  1. (And/Or)--> And
  2. (Field)---> History
  3. (Operator)--> Contains
  4. (Value)--> Comments



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